Modernize Old Saggy Outlets

Posted on: February 23, 2018

Fact – Old saggy outlets are the worst! 

A simple project to practice some skills. When my wife and I moved into our new home, it was already 29 years old and had been a rental for the previous 9 years. To say the least it was in need of some TLC and we couldn’t have been more excited. 

I am not an electrician, so this is the obligatory statement about having a qualified electrician perform electrical work. Electrical is dangerous and only a qualified person should  

There are just a few steps: 

  1. Cut the power to the circuit 
  2. Remove the faceplate and old outlet
    • Cut or unscrew as needed
  3. Install new properly rated outlet
    • Attach bare copper wire (ground) to grounding screw (typically green) 
    • Attach neutral wires (typically white) to hot terminal (typically silver)
    • Attach hot wires (typically black) to hot terminal (typically brass)
  4. Install the outlet in the outlet box
  5. Install new faceplate
  6. Turn power back on and double check with outlet tester

I used pig tails and wire nuts to connect the outlet to the circuit, but you can also connect the wire directly to the outlet. 

No more lose saggy outlets.